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Quintessential Acacia Tools


Let's do it again; expand your little ones' sensory play experience with Gus + Mabels' mindfully curated tools.

Yes, I hear you; what makes our collection better than all the others on the market?

Fantastic, we're so glad you asked!
Designed with your little love's delight in mind, starting from pencil to paper before moving on to production. Created from the Finest acacia wood, handmade by our talented artisans, and nestled in our charming soft touch bento bag.

Too much choice can be overwhelming for our little ones, so we set out to create a small, curated collection of tools to minimise clutter and maximise their excitement!

Look no further; everything they need, want, and will love is here!

Sensory Benefits:

The tools within our quintessential tool set will work wonders for your little loves fine motor skill development through tactile play, helping them to build on their ability to use small muscle groups and coordinate movements.

Pouring, hammering, sifting, picking, and mixing are just a few examples of tactile play where the benefits are plentiful. Everyday tasks such as buttoning, zipping, tying laces, and even holding a pencil to write their name rely on perfected fine motor skills.

Each tool designed thoughtfully with love serves a particular purpose to benefit the development of your little one.

• Hand-eye coordination + control

• Visual tracking

• Language development

• Focus + Concentration

• Spatial awareness

• Causal effect

• Investigation + reasoning

Finer Details:


• Acacia Scoop L 11cm W 5cm

• Acacia Spoon L 12cm W 5cm

• Acacia Strainer L 14cm W 8cm

• Acacia Rake L 10cm W 7cm

• Acacia Hammer L 16.5cm W 6cm

• Acacia Nail L 9cm W 2cm

• Acacia Fine Motor Tongs L 14cm W 1cm

• Acacia Stirrer L 16.5cm W 5.5cm

• Acacia Churner L 16.5cm W 5cm

• Acacia Funnel L 11cm W 9cm

• Acacia Nesting Bowls Large Dia. 12cm H 7cm Medium Dia. 10cm H 6.5cm Small Dia. 7cm H 5cm Smallest Dia. 5cm H 4cm

• Material: Acacia Wood

• Weight: 675g (inc. bento bag)

• Note: Our quintessential tool set is unique to us, meticulously hand-crafted using the finest materials for the love of your little ones' joy.


Too easy! A warm soapy handwash with a soft sponge or cloth is the best way to keep your little ones' quintessential tools clean. A little extra love by rubbing them down occasionally with a bit of vegetable oil will prevent the acacia wood from drying out and keep them robust, beautiful, and last a lifetime.

Our signature corduroy bento bag may be machine washed. Avoid washing with materials that produce lint (such as fleece jackets, towels, and sweaters); a simple cold water cycle, tumble dry on low or hang in the shade to dry.