Peonies and Butterflies Wall Stickers


Peek into a land of fairytales and hidden adventure. A secret garden found nestled in a faraway kingdom where butterflies dance amongst the soft petals of pink peonies. Transform your child's bedroom into a magical wonderland with Schmooks large floral wall stickers ‘Peonies & Butterflies’.

Schmooks delightful wall stickers are removable, reusable and even scrunchable! Schmooks wall sticker range are PVC free, are NOT VINYL and have a beautiful soft fabric finish. Super easy to apply and they wont damage your walls. The individual pieces are easily removed from the backing paper and placed on the wall.

The wall stickers are a fun and interactive activity for children and a great way to encourage creativity in their bedroom. They can be moved around many times, so you can have lots of fun rearranging the look of the room. 

Pack includes: 

2 X Large Peony Flowers 61cm - 62cm
3 X Medium Peony Flowers 43cm - 44cm
8 X Large Butterflies 21cm - 16cm
5 X Medium Butterflies 9cm - 14cm
Stars Assorted Sizes (2.8 - 6.2cm) 
Smaller elements - White star dust

* Please Note: Wall stickers do not adhere to Wash & Wear and Teflon paints.