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Outer Space Lightbox Tiles

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Outer Space Lightbox Tiles

3yrs +

To infinity – and beyond!!  This stellar set of lightbox tiles includes an extra long (10 x 24 cm) tile featuring the Solar System as well as stars, a space shuttle and an astronaut (4 pc).  Each Perspex tile is encased in a layered timber ply frame and the set comes in an organza drawstring bag.



Introduce the tiles on light box tables and interest tables, get the children to hold it to a window and talk about what they see. Use them in sensory boxes.

Group Setting

These tiles are perfect for using in group time discussions, ask the children about the planets that they know and the difference in colours etc. Open up discussion about space and the universe. 


Take outside and have discussions about each planet.

Learning opportunities

Promotes language skills, listening skill, engages the children in conversation with peers and gives them a sense of belonging. Using the tiles as a gateway to explore their own surroundings will promote a better understanding of the world around them.

This is an all Australian Made and Owned product.