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Yogi Fun Dice Game


YOGi FUN games are a fantastic tool for mindful development of emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills and of course self-confidence. The range of games can be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors!

The values that yoga instills such as equality, generosity and friendship are all part of what the founders of Yogi FUN want to develop in our future generations.

This is the moving, bending and twisting game!

It includes four wooden dice in a tube packaging.

The game is to encourage improvisation and self expression as well as group play.

So how do you play:

1. Roll all four dice

2. According to the instruction dice, you will need to do one of the following:

  • CHOOSE just one pose to do STAY & BREATHE in each of the 3 poses
  • Do all three poses, and get another turn INVENT a new pose, and add it to your sequence
  • Do nothing, the next player does your sequence
  • After your turn, say something NICE to the person next to you

3. Time for the next player to roll!

4. Have as many turns as you like

Age: 5+