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Sunflower Gift of Seeds

$9.95 $6.95
Sunflower Gift of Seeds design is plastic free!  The plant label is incorporated into the packaging.

Sunflowers are well known, cheerful and they are very quick and easy to grow.
Sow in spring and summer in full sun at a depth of 10mm. Watch your sunflowers bloom and provide a pop of colour for your garden.
Sunflowers are also perfect for companion planting in your vegetable gardens.

This Gift of Seeds features stunning illustrative artwork by Daniella Germain.

-Made in Australia
-100% recycled paper
-Includes a tear-away plant label as part of the packaging to mark where your seeds are planted
-Comes with a recycled kraft envelope for mailing

Variety: Helianthus annuus ‘Giant Single’

Sunflowers are very easy to grow and produce brilliant giant yellow flowers up to 180cm. Sow in spring or summer and all year round in warm areas. Sunflower seeds are best sown direct where they are to grow but they can be started in pots and transplanted when the plant produces its second set of leaves.

Ensure a warm, sunny position is chosen with good soil and give the seedling plenty of room to grow big and tall.  If crowded or grown in pots the Sunflowers will produce a smaller flower and stem.