Safari Ltd Prehistoric Life Toob


Before we had roads, cars and billions of people around the world, the world had cave dwellers and ice age giants. This set includes a mixture of early humans, giant prehistoric mammals, and other features of the prehistoric landscape.

This set contains 12 pieces, including a caveman, cavewoman and child, fire and roasting meat, pine tree, volcano, woolly mammoth, Andrewsarchus, Doedicurus, Arsinotherium, Macrauchenia, Smilodon, and a giant sloth.

This set features mostly shades of brown with splashes of orange red for the fire and lava, and green for the pine tree.

The Prehistoric Life TOOB® is part of the TOOBS® collection

All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

The Prehistoric Life TOOB® will take you back in a time that you will not recognize full of adventure and life!

Did you know humans discovered the wheel and fire during prehistoric times? They also developed language to help understand one another.

Turn your backyard into a prehistoric world with the woolly mammoth and start your own fire to cook your favourite meals with our prehistoric life TOOB®!

The prehistoric life TOOB® contains 12 figures, including: a Macrauchenia, Smilodon, a volcano, giant sloth, cavewoman and child, fire and roasting meat, caveman and woolly mammoth.

Recommended Age: 3+