Iceberg Stacker

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Our Iceberg Stackers are the gift that never stops giving. Designed for hours of open ended play, this large Montessori inspired iceberg block will spark your little ones imagination like you’ve never seen before.

The imagination is endless as a child may see an iceberg , but they may also see a tunnel, a cave, a lookout, a bridge, a bed and a whatever else their little minds can imagine.

These versatile icebergs will help your little ones to learn about colors and size, refine hand eye co-ordination, encourage their imaginations and develop their balancing skills.

Offers a variety of learning experiences and designed for hours of fun.

Painted by hand using water based, non toxic paints that are safe for your little ones. Please note if the timber gets wet, be mindful of potential color transfer.

As these items are hand painted there will be unique variations in each piece of timber, including color and grain.

Iceberg consists 6 hand-cut part. This rainbow are 100% handcrafted.

Toy size:
Width: 24cm (9.45″)
Height: 11cm (4.33″)
Thickness: 4cm (1.6″)

Made from eco friendly material (pine wood). The product is fully processed to avoid rough spots, sharp edges. This toy is completely natural. Each element of the iceberg covered with non-toxic acrylic paints with no smell.

All products are made from different pieces of wood. And with all our diligence products may not look exactly like the photo, but look very similar.

From age 4 years and up.

ATTENTION! The product has small parts. Use it under the supervision of adults!

By placing your order, you understand that colors and wood grain vary from monitor/screen to in-person. You acknowledge that handmade products may differ ever so slightly from the photos on the website.